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Canavese Inside

Industrial partner? Look for it on the net.

Canavese Inside is the network of companies that integrates all the main areas of expertise in the field of industrial services with high added value. It is the network capable of obtaining better results in shorter times, transforming a design idea into a prototype or a successful product to be launched on the market through its heterogeneous and complementary know-how.
No matter what your question, the answer… look it up on the Net.

The numbers of the
Canavese Inside Network mean 11 partner companies, more than 400 people employed, over 30,000 square meters of production plants and, overall, 5 million euros invested every year in R&D and new technologies. But the strength of a network does not lie only in the sum of its numbers: it lies in the ability to combine them synergistically to obtain results aiming for excellence.
From design to prototyping and production: a holistic approach that combines mechanics, electronics and information technology with sharing, collaboration and dialogue.

Our Expertise
Prototyping & Production
Additive Manufacturing
Precision Mechanics
Cold Stamping
Industrial Automation
Software Development
Electronics & Wiring
Plastic Injection Molding