ASSORETIPMI enters ICT VILLAGE, the Virtual Information Technology Fair

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With the intention of pursuing the expansion of their respective collaborations and favoring exchanges of information and comparison, Faq400, the company promoting the ICT VILLAGE and ASSORETIPMI – Associazione RETI DI IMPRESE PMI announce the birth of a collaboration between the respective aggregative realities.

“ASSORETIPMI is an association that has always anticipated methodologies and trends that others will discover much later. In 2014 we created the “Map of Business Networks” which still today remains the only tool for georeferencing on a map of Business Networks – declares Eugenio Ferrari, President of ASSORETIPMI . “Therefore they could only enthusiastically join this new interactive and immersive virtual fair project to offer our associates new meeting spaces, also to do network matching, in line with what 3D virtual reality technology is and will always be. more able to offer.”

“We welcomed this initiative with great enthusiasm – declares Monica Franco, Vice President of ASSORETIPMI – where I am happy to find many ICT people and companies with whom I have actively collaborated over the years. For those who, like me, have had the great opportunity to live and manage the experience of “networking” in the ICT sector in an important Italian Group with 120 partner companies and to make it grow, this is an opportunity to share the best practices learned with the companies present in the ICT Village and apply them on new projects of alliances and aggregations between ICT operators.In particular, all thoseSMEs, micro enterprises of excellence in vertical sectors and innovative startups, to create a strong aggregate capable of successfully competing on the markets”.

“For this – concludes Monica Franco – from January 2022 within the ICT VILLAGE we will start with webinars dedicated to how and why “networking” in ICT , a “prince” sector by its nature in aggregating companies with complementary specializations each other and, in the era of Servitization , use the form of the Business Network as an innovative, flexible and sustainable tool to achieve the objectives of growth in size, organization and turnover “.


Special Companies present in the ICT VILLAGE

ASSORETIPMI reserves a Christmas Welcome Voucher for companies exhibiting at the ICT VILLAGE
interested in acquiring or perfecting their skills on the subject of Business Networks to join now for the year 2022.


"un gruppo di persone che condivide un obiettivo comune può raggiungere l’impossibile"

Informazione, formazione, conoscenza, supporto, cultura di rete, sono i punti cardine che ASSORETIPMI sviluppa e offre con continuità come punto di forza ai propri associati. Aderire ad ASSORETIPMI vuol dire percorrere un cammino comune di crescita e opportunità all’interno di un contesto economico complesso
ma sempre potenzialmente forte come quello Italiano.